Saturday, January 27, 2007

fatal 'art'traction

the ideal match? maybe ADAM and the CAVEMAN.
MICHAELANGELO's masterpiece on the walls of the SISTINE CHAPEL
and the CAVE OF LASSCAUX had a common canvas.
both were paintings on walls. frescos.
both were threaded into our histories albeit at different times.
michaelangelo's theme is mythology.the grandeur depicting
the beauty and horror of the LAST JUDGEMENT.
so was the cave man's version a MYTH too?
of course he was unaware of the last judgement and adam and eve's
fall from grace.
but the simple drawings of his tribe hunting a mammoth etc.
could be a myth too.
a sacred lie.
a piece of the imagination,a scrawny depiction of the ideal.
BUT WHAT COULD KEEP THE TWO APART?!the beautiful estranged adam.
and the classical stick figure,gone to hunt.
forget the homosexual undertone and its blasphemous implications.
just imagine! the perfect matrimony of two different worlds.
fact and fiction.reality and myth.(i am not oppossing darwin! i think we
climbed down trees and hunted woolly mammoths)
what we can see, we can decipher.
it's just that we havent found the language.the language of reasoning
for certain things and thank god for that.
and i will still believe in adam and eve,because for whatever's worth,
it's a beautiful imaginative account of my history,even though
there are thousands of evidence telling me i was an ape once.
actually that seems like a beautiful story too!
only if the scientists stopped claiming that it is the ultimate truth.
then the MAGIC goes undone.
i believe in STORIES. and i want to live for them.

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Gulzar said...

was this one in flash? amazing concept....