Monday, October 15, 2007

yadda yadda!

one of the most difficult things to articulate is 'simplification'.it's not in the minimalism of the visual or the
'clink' of the concept. when u see, what u see, and if everything has fallen into the right places for you,you'd definitely let out that gasp.
all the cogs in your body fit into each other,space and counterspace melt into that moment, you keep looking at it back and forth deconstructing it, meaning for meaning.the whole loses itself into fragments of want to extend the moment.
get back into that space of mild surprise, but alas the visual has successfully leapt from the page and into your imagination.
it keeps breathing at the back of your simple and so profound is that impact.
it creates such a complex series of dialogue and thought process.
isit 'simple' not that simple anymore?

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