Monday, January 28, 2008


this had no appeared in a dream but i failed to interpret it,
it was a different story in my head, somehow on the mixer, the soundscape took
it to a different direction.


᠌aJmaL said...

interesting ...

still water said...

hey i liked it a lot, moody and apt.
very dream like but real also.

super nice to see keeda like this.

Hows goa?

gunj said...

i love the music and the visuals which go with it.. very nice aindri...

Shashank Acharya said...

The style of visuals is good, very pleasant to look at the guy & girl.
suggestion, dont ever let your film go waste...sometime it is experimental, then call it that way...but you can be safe by testing the film via storyboard boardomatics in FCP with scratch sound. Just see if it works for your next project.
all the very best.

eyefry said...


immanuel suresh said...

just so beautiful to look at your blog
i was mentioning about u to one of the students here and saw a great amount of your work
i just love your dads voice
the bengali repetitive and emphasis and re emphasis
how are you other wise have u illustrated a book for a bangalore based company i forgt the name now
but keep in touch