Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i am starting a leetle comic strip.
wish me luck!


Mandakini said...


love it.

used to love your 'out of the box' (was it?...the little guy with curly hair saying wise things) comic strips too!!

linking your blog to mine.

ROHIT IYER said...

Agree with Mandakini... you should bring back "out of the box" or "stuck in a box" or whatever it was too!

Good stuff... Just can't make out if the first word in the third panel was supposed to be an "or" or "of".

Bhavna said...

wicked! :)

Waiting to see more..

Longbir Ingti Kathar said...

fantastic! i love this pink thing. wishing u luck and hope to see this on the book shelve soon.

Pratik Ghosh said...

i reeeally like this..
nice job.
hot pink on white looks awesome ..
keep it up..
hoping to see more of this