Sunday, March 01, 2009

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Welcome to
"Welcome to Advertising, Now Get Lost!"

It seems ages back that me, Omkar
(the author) and this brilliant
typographer who I haven't met, Jezreel,
worked on this book. The word's out.
I am sitting here, wondering how the
book fared. Three different people
working on more than three cities
(I remember my frequent visits to
Delhi in the middle and working from
there as well, so maybe that counts)
on pittance, and somehow it worked
for the book amidst all that chaos.
The best bit was-there was no brief!
We read the manuscript, discussed like
adults and came up with what we thought
would best represent the content.

So this is a shout out to you, art
director, that please send us things
to read. The content maybe, not what
you think should be there in the picture.
Images are the ones that are read
between the lines.
When you send us a shopping list of:
a shoe
the author's portrait
a pregnant lady holding a family
heirloom, we wonder, if there is
an order to that madness. And most
illustrators LOVE reading!
Sometimes commissioned work takes
months to a few days, depending on
the illustrator's luck really.

But I love reading
manuscripts. Sometimes, words like
"digital", or "vector" confuse me.
I think they are pretty old fashioned.
Illustration is so out of the box in
that way. It's like asking someone
who does animation: 2D or 3D.

When did the medium, get bound by the
medium? What is important to illustrators
I believe is to be clear about what they
are asked on for the project, and
questions really help. If you are looking
at 50s illustrations, is it Saul Bass
or Satyajit Ray? Sometimes, we don't ask
the questions. We nod.

here's the cover done by Jezreel:

This is what had to say.

Green Period continues..

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