Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tied to a Box

Someone, (name changed), I haven't been
acquainted with before, sent me a mail once:

"I loved your work in cut here.
I am an educator. What do we leave behind
was on the softboard, My 9 year olds loved
you for that one."

Some other people (Rohit, Mandakini, Eipe,
Kaustav, Ayush etc) want Tied to a Box back. I
dug out the ones I had and revamped it
1)I hated that guy I created with a ball
point pen:

2)Let's face it, the humor is obscure:
I was probably on some unidentified substance
from the guy who also had goat dung strewn
around his courtyard.
So the art work has scope to be beyond a cute
golly wog.

3) I realized, since most of the humor is
related to our misery in living pigeon-holed
lives, I could actually use the metaphor of
a cardboard box-those boxes packing in our
expensive shoes, television sets, refrigerators,
ACs etc. Have you noticed the completely
non-commital graphics on those boxes, the FRAGILE
logo, the broken wine glass? I realized if I could
incorporate that visual language, I can give a
context to my readers. I also realized, that I hate
those signage type art work, so..

4) I got inspired. A trip to the Gallery of Modern
Art, got me face to face with Nandalal Bose, and his
art through a well done retrospective.I loved his
work on "Shahaj path" which had a graphic quality
to it, something you could rubber stamp on a box.

So anyway, this is what
tied to a box is about:


still water said...

hey :) nice to see this back...I still love the old one, but I know the new avataar will grow on me soon, since the author is the same. :)

SeaNature said...

Aindri. These are really nice man!! show me the old ones?

aindri said...

:) Trying! but winning hearts is such a difficult thing.

Mandakini said...

super! very glad this...and you.....are back :) cardboard box context is genius! old and new both are well loved.

Bondhu said...

Brilliant, Aindri....and nice to know the inspiration also :)