Monday, November 02, 2009

Repositioning of the Spirit

The objective is to bring the essence or spirit of an object
and translate it into a space, that alters the object- it's
meaning, motive, existence.
I chose a childhood object- a One Rupee note, dating back
to circa 1974, I wanted to encapsulate a few of my childhood
memories in it, and bring in the old adage- that money
cannot buy everything, specially to a child- in the hope that
the value of this will exceed the note's material connotation.
So, when you open the tiny note, it pops up into the times..

..when we bottled in fireflies.

Or smothered our neighbourhood with kites.

Or floated paper boats in the rain.

This is my first adventure with paper 'engineering' but I guess
you can do anything if you have a story to share!


Shreyas said...

oh! this is so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aindri!!

I'm Isa, the Spanish girl at your class. I've just been wondering around your blog (hope you don't mind me being so curious) and just discovered your amazing illustrations!!

Well done! Great work.



ayusure? said...

plucking mangoes,cycling down the hill,catching tadpoles,watching the lilies bloom,opening up the radio :)

gunj said...

Lovely Aindri!

fulcrum said...

ah, baby-steps in paper pop-ups? :)

Roshnee said...

Wow! this project is so soulful! absolutely brilliant! may i ask what its for and where u study?