Monday, February 15, 2010

Exhibit 1

My MA project at the moment, focuses on the museum
space, mainly that of the British Museum.

I find the museum as a giant, in the realm of
open source learning. It is a cross-section of a library,
a classroom and a park. Also, the fact that the
knowledge base is created from retrospection
or reverie. I find the interaction between the visitor
and the exhibit fascinating and how would that space
react if we removed the formal boundaries between the two.


Rotring ink and Correction ink on discarded postcards from the Museum.


Rotring ink and Correction ink on discarded postcards from the Museum.

Rotring ink and Correction ink on discarded postcards from the Museum.

"you came into this world as Goddess Lakshmi"

From the conversations with my father which I have posted
below, I am beginning to illustrate bits of that.

The initial bit of research involved looking at Aindri, and
the other matrikas (mother goddesses) in Indian folkart

I was playing around with different media, for me it was
not important to illustrate her.

I am interested in why some deities have so many arms
and eyes? The reason is, I think (which is also used in
video gaming structure) that each deity is assembled
from other deities, their attributes, just like how you
would create an Avatar from a library of attributes.

It's fascinating because we are not looking at
a character, but a family tree!

Ink and acrylic on rice paper

I want to see if I can use this concept ( the many arms, etc)
in my character design to re-interpret:

"you came into the world as Goddess Lakshmi"

You Came into this world like Goddess Lakshmi





payal wadhwa said...

it's positively fascinating work.
when am i seeing you next? let's do lunch one of these days at college?

gunj said...

its working out good aindri... I like the drawing with rotring and the concept of juxtapoistion.... the sketches have this quality of being real and capturing time..
The devi ones seem to have started.. I think they would have alot more of expressions one you are reaching the finale.

Avinash Rajagopal said...

super super beautiful. I remember foundation orientation when you told everyone that Aindri was a kind of weed. I was very irritated at that. It seemed unfair that someone would have such a beautiful name and not take it seriously :D

The silkscreen one is quite fabulous.
all the best for your project.

Bondhu said...

LOVELY !!!!!!