Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prior to Exhibit 1

People in Museums : I am looking for fodder for my narrative.

Candid moments, relationships, conversations.

Juxtaposition, altering meaning. I find the glass cabinets fascinating!
They create connections in the space

I am looking at the map, as
a narrative tool. I am trying to
see if I can create a collage of the
space with the map, since it is the
blueprint of the space. It is pure
information. How would we
incorporate emotion? The
moments that people leave
behind?How can a map be
any different?

Have you seen the work of
George Widener ? I saw him
at the Museum of Everything.
He uses existing satellite
images and maps to create
his own topography.

I like his madness. His attention
to detail. It is in the concept
more than the execution, which
sort of changes the idea of
"attention to detail".

part of a Greek sculpture.

Woman and boy. Part of a Greek sculpture.

When we change the order of structured information,
and make it more random, what are the connections that we see?

1 comment:

gunj said...

Usually i sketch in a sketch book, but last year sitting on the airport i was reading a book and feeling a little sad, so i started sketching in the book which i was reading.
Now that book has two stories. one which is printed on it and one which i drew..
i dunno thought of that when i saw your sketches.. they narrate layers of tales..