Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are You Listening?

Last summer I was doing this animation project called Kelkkunnundo, (Are
you Listening?)

It was entirely in Malyalam, a language I do not comprehend and about a
blind girl, a visual language I do not comprehend either. It was kind of
challenging to not get bogged down by both.

My tutor, Prakash Moorthy
helped me translate this bit that
I was going to animate, a local fable
about a cat and a fly. We did not
want to make the drawings abstract,
or to visualize how it would be for
the blind to see. I thought it would
be too literal. I had Hasna's voice
over with me as my only reference.

My inspiration was early Walt
The time when people were
beginning to understand the
possibilities of the medium of
animation. It was a new uncharted
territory of make-believe that was
completely new to the way we saw
things. Case in point- the talking

This is the trailer:


Pratik Ghosh said...

oh.. i have to see this film too..
a friend of mine has done the title sequence fer this

Radha Pandey said...

ooooh! its finally up!

Mira said...

When will lowly folk like us get to see this?