Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Playing at the Museum

For my animation, I am trying to simplify the museum,
from the glass cabinets to the people. I don't want to
make the images too complicated because it will get
difficult to animate in the restricted time, this limitation
is actually proving to challenge my comfort zone in
image making.

I am taking ink impressions on paper, which are the
people who visit the museum. I like the way the ink
gradually becomes an incoherrent shape and vanishes,
like our transient nature.

glass cabinets:

The famous Mummy, surrounded by our curiosity:

I am playing with the artifacts on people. Sometimes the
glass cabinets create interesting links between the visitor
and the exhibit.

Our heritage has two parts- the tangible and the intangible.
The tangible is what is encased in glass cabinets in the
museum. The intangible is what is passed on from one
generation to the other-through different media of storytelling.
My experience of the museum has made me realize how
obsessed we have become with collectibles. I want to look
into the songs of Kabir, the Sufis, or the Baul which I feel
form a connection to what I want to say especially in the
museum space. The traveling bards in India, that form our almost
disappearing folklore culture have been around for centuries.
Their songs talk about establishments that encase mute statues.
The statues do not speak. But around the statues, are wonderful
stories unfolding. The stories that are live, the stories that become
us. The stories that die and are reborn again.

Could someone help me regarding this? I was trying to find songs
of Kabir, but unfortunately haven't found much response from the
people I mailed to. If you have any folksong that you like, mail
me! I will show you my animatics and you can tell me what
you think of it.


Sayantan Halder said...

very interesting......

still water said...

aindri, haven't you heard of the kabir project that shabnam virmani has been doing at shrishti? hope to meet u soon and talk about it.

aindri said...

yes I spoke to her. I am a little unsure whether i should take kabir, or baul given the context

gunj said...

i was going to suggest shabnam.. and then i see the comments.
Baul would be interesting for you context ainky,if you can get hold of some really good and authentic stuff.. it has the same earthly quality which kabir has..

gunj said...

Sufi's ain't that bad an idea.. you should try looking into Amir Khusrau's poetry.. It might just fit!

Mandakini said...

Hi aindri! just saw this post. you probably know this already.... but there are some songs by Kabir which have been set to music and sung by Kumar Gandharva. Some of the videos are there on youtube. The style of singing (which is common to the Bauls as well, if I'm not mistaken) is that of Nirguni Bhajans. Some of the well-known nirguni bhajans by Kumar Gandharva are Jhini Jhini, Koi Sunta Hai, Ud jayega Hans Akela. A personal favourite of mine is Haman Hai Ishq-e Mastana (the rendition by Madhup Mudgal in particular). I have some mp3s of Kumar Gandharva and can mail them to you if you like :)

Good luck with your project! :)

rashmi said...

Hi Aindri!While searching for somthing I came across your blog and this post..I am not too sure what exactly you are looking for and whether you've already found what you wanted as the date of this post is of May 2010. Nevertheless I would like you to introduce myself through my website www.rashmiagarwal.com I am a Sufi singer and have sung Amir Khusro as well as Kabir,also some other sufi poets, and these songs are on CD too. In case any of my work is of your interest, do let me know. I'll be glad to be of some help.