Thursday, June 10, 2010

His Story

This is my first animatic:

A look at history from two angles:
the artifacts at a museum and that which is
passed down from one generation to the other,
this is the first cut,the music is from Kabir,
a 15th century mystical poet captured in this
brilliant documentary by Shabnam Virmani called:
Chalo Hamara Des


Aditya Pawar said...

Its real nice : ), esp. like the part where the subtitles becomes a part of the museum map!

aindri said...

thank you, this is just the first cut, now I will have to simplify it. I think it's still going on to too many layers, also, a bit of the imagery seemed lost among the people here. The look and style is also not finalized

still water said...

:) You both are right. I really liked seeing it Aindri, it is shaping us really well. I thought maybe a moment of silence, no music and no v.o in the film would help. Or maybe a transition with sound with the footsteps in the house moving into those in the museum? I think the parallel you are trying to draw and the irony you are trying to bring out will be very clear then.

Avinash Rajagopal said...

lovely as usual, aindri.
the bits with your father, and the kabir song playing into it: masterfully done.
The museum bits, not so much :) that probably needs a little work.
But "khabar karo apne tan ki" says it all. very nice. very nice.

trip-arty said...

So beautiful..:)

Arpit Bhargava said...

Hi Aindri. I've been following your work on your blog for some time... right from when you had put up the voice recordings and then the museum explorations. Then I dropped by today .. and saw all those ideas come together like this... its fantastic. Good luck with it !


aindri said...

Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement! I think my plot has a lot to do with how I visualize it in the end, also if the two stories should be parallel or together..lots to decide.I am in search of the 'functum' in this film!


hi Aindri,
i loved the feel of it, amongst the things you've depicted as hand downs i particularly loved the use of laxmi's footprint and cadburys.along with the soundtrack they brought a wistful smile on my face.

liked the idea of the ink blots becoming the people in the museum but the walking images bit sort of stood out a bit. not so sure if you need so many transitions....

but really looking fwd to the end product! :)

gunj said...

The imagery has to have a smoother transition... from the museum to the house... a little more flow, fluidity..
Its awesome!! for a first cut!