Wednesday, March 02, 2011

visual diary

These are one day illustrations in response
to my observation of people in museums.

I am really fascinated by the glass cabinets,
the way ethnographic objects are classified
even though we see cross cultural aesthetic
among the displayed objects. I am trying to
create visuals that document the contrast-
live conversation among visitors, their
fleeting presence and the eternal stillness
within the glass enclosures.

The following are 29.7 cm / 42 cm

A handful of people

detail- gouache, pencil colours, pencil, chalk.

Reflection against pots.

detail- gouache, pencil colours, pencils, chalk.

The talking tree

detail: gouache, pencil, pencil colours, enamel, Rotring

Reflection 2

detail-gouache, pencil colours, pencil, cellotape, chalk


pratheek said...

loved 'Reflection against the pots'


Junuka said...

hats off