Sunday, May 08, 2011

Film Stils

It's been two years since I got interested
in Kunstkammers, or the glass cabinets in
museums, and it has resulted in a little
animated film. I am yet to think of a
title for it.

My inspiration has been Trésor de l'histoire
des langues,
(Cologne 1613).

That spoken word is the female part of
language because intellect is passive.
Writing on the other hand is the the
active intellect, it alone harbors truth.

Probably the reason why oral tradition
died out with the intervention of printing,
and the "Looking Glass" and the urge to seperate
the natural world from its cauldron of myths
into facts. The modern interpretation of the
cabinets are a Victorian hand me down- it's
functional, clean ( neutral ) upon which sit
objects that produce their own acoustic language
but no one to hear it?

1 comment:

Shweta Mohapatra said...

the still looks good aindri.
post the film too. cant wait to see it